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When you claim up to Acropolis from Plaka do not miss one of the the most beautiful parts of Athens - ANAFIOTIKA.
This lovely place is reminiscent of independent village in the city. Laying between Plaka and the rocks of Acropolis.

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Between glaring white - coloured houses with rich blue doors you will feel like in some of Cyclades Island. The small streets are so narrow that one can "hardly" walk through.

The first inhabitants of Anafiotika came from Island Anafi which belongs to Cyclades. To Athens invated them the King Otto I. in year 1832 after he was crowned as King of Greece.

He liked to build up a palace and he was convinced that the best craftsmen in the Anafi Island. He gave them the work and once the work was finished

The masters stay for some years in Athens. And at the foothill of Acropolis they create " Home " in the Island style. Thats why Anafiotika.


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